EPS students are regularly invited to discussion and debate with interesting personalities from EPS associated partners. Besides, various social events are also organised in order to integrate EPS students into local student community and to discover local culture and customs.

October 2017 Visit Barrandov Studio in Prague EPS students visited the Czech film studio at Barrandov and explored the history of the Czech film industry.
November 2017 Traditional Czech dinner EPS students tried traditional Czech meals in order to discover Czech culture and gastronomy.
November 2017 Pub quiz on Czech topics EPS students played a pub quiz focusing on topics related to the Czech Republic in order to get information about Czech personalities, important historical events and traditions.
December 2017 Debate with Tomáš Prouza EPS students had a possibility to discuss European topics with Tomáš Prouza, former Secretary for European Affairs of the Czech Prime Minister’s Office.
December 2017 Discussion with Michal Žantovský EPS students had a possibility to discuss European topics with Michal Žantovský, director of Václav Havel library and former Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the USA.
December 2017 EPS Blog EPS students started to write a blog about their experience throughout studying programme.
December 2017 Visit the Italian Embassy in the Czech Republic EPS students visited the Italian Embassy to the Czech Republic and they met Aldo Amati, the Italian Ambassador to the Czech Republic and had a possibility to discuss with him several topics.
January 2018 New Year’s party EPS students were invited to the  New Year’s party where they could meet not only their professors and colleagues but also students from other Czech and English programmes.
October 2018 Volunteering at Forum 2000 Conference EPS students had a possibility of volunteering at the conference Forum 2000. Five new EPS students became volunteers under the leadership of Alex Kurki (the second year EPS student).

Last updated 12. 10. 2018.